Zurich International employee benefits solution for Isle of Man businesses

We’re proud to be Zurich International’s retained IOM marketing and communications agency.

Last year, Zurich International asked us to create a campaign to promote their brand new Isle of Man Employee Benefits solutions. It includes the Zurich Flexible Personal Pension Plan which is based on the pension freedoms introduced by the Isle of Man Government and allows increased flexibility at retirement.

Since then we have created a very successful campaign that has been rolled out in 3 distinct phases:

A B2B focused phase promoting Zurich as a global brand selling a new, locally focused, proposition – and aimed at decision makers with local employers. This was achieved by carefully targeted digital screen advertising, editorial content for news and business media, plus a social campaign incorporating a targeted LinkedIn strategy.

We ramped up the digital element of the campaign, and created topical content to reflect the uncertainty that the Covid-19 pandemic had caused in the employee benefits sector. This phase included banner ads on local radio and online news platforms, running in tandem with the ongoing targeted LinkedIn campaign.

In this phase we targeted the consumer directly, featuring Stephanie Hatton (Corporate Distribution Manager at Zurich International and a member of the company’s dedicated Isle of Man pensions team) at the forefront of the campaign. This was supported by Facebook promotions, radio advertising, and carefully crafted editorial content which generated excellent general news and business news coverage.

At each stage, we have worked very closely with the Zurich International team so that we could get a detailed understanding of the products, target market, and USPs in relation to each target audience.

We knew that Zurich International had a product suite with very strong USPs, so throughout the campaign, a central theme has been to encourage potential customers (both individual consumers and businesses) to ask their current pension provider a few key questions. That has led to positive outcomes for our client as potential customers engaged in conversations that revealed the advantages of Zurich International’s proposition, and the weaknesses of the customer’s current provider.


Key social media results

  • 945 website visits
  • Average CPC £0.38
  • 60,642 people reached
  • 5434 engagements
  • 178 reactions

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