We’ll help you be seen, heard and talked about

We’ll immerse ourselves in your brand and take the time to understand your business objectives.
We’ll work with you to set measurable KPIs. Whatever your business challenge, we’ll create a content and communications strategy bespoke to you.

Once the strategy is in place, our in-house team of experts plus our curated network of trusted partners bring it to life across channels – through carefully-crafted copy, striking visuals, optimised websites or rich media such as video or animation.

And once the campaign assets are created, we’ll distribute and promote them using a blend of techniques: media and influencer relations, paid and organic social, native and display advertising.

Throughout, our focus will be on helping you attract, grow and retain audiences – delivering maximum return on investment to your business.

Content strategy

Your purpose

We start by defining your purpose as an industry voice. Why are you publishing content? Understanding this from the outset is fundamental.


Next, we set KPIs. What are you trying to achieve and how will we measure success?


Then we define your audience. What do they want and need, and how do they consume content? It’s essential to understand what the audience is looking for so you can give them what they need – not what you think they need.


We research markets, sectors and competitors, to understand the broader editorial landscape and how we can help you cut through.


We use the insights we’ve gathered – your content purpose, your business objectives, the audience, sector and competitor landscape – to formulate the strategy.

Get creative

And with the strategy agreed, it’s time to generate creative ideas. We use a structured methodology for ideas generation to create clever campaigns that deliver real business impact.

Our Experience

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Reach your audience

Content promotion

Content only benefits your business if it reaches your audience.

And that’s where brands can get it wrong – by not effectively promoting the content that’s been so carefully created. By investing the time in understanding your audience and how (and where) they like to consume content, we’re able to distribute and promote your message so the audience sees it. We do this across social media, native and display advertising, paid search and traditional PR.

PR and communications
With an extensive background in media, MMC is adept at creating news hooks for your business.

Using our network of contacts, we secure coverage in the publications that matter to your audience. We also engage with influencers to amplify your message and tell your brand story. Have a crisis on your hands? No problem – we’re skilled in crisis communications and can help you turn it around. Need PR support with product launches? We’ll get your message out there and make sure your voice is heard.

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