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Our mission, vision & values

Biggest is NOT always best...
MMC is a boutique business, with a dedicated team, who all believe in making small changes every day to improve how we work together.

We may be small, but we also see the bigger picture and recognise our responsibility to do everything we can to make the world a better place. That means our approach to our mission, vision and values is a little different. Instead of big, bold corporate statements about ESG and CSR that gather digital dust from sitting for years on our website without anyone reading them, our mission, vision and values are based on what our team truly buy into and believe.

Actions speak louder than words….

We stand for….

Caring for the environment and doing what we can to tackle climate change

Providing a supportive working environment that promotes positive health and wellbeing

Helping those in need in the community where we live and work

Promoting diversity, equality and inclusion

We put these principles into practice by……

Helping several charitable organisations by donating our professional time on a pro bono basis

Offering employees support with physical and mental wellbeing health care

A forward-thinking approach to HR and ensuring a positive workspace

Supporting local organisations, initiatives or events

Whatever we do, one day at a time, everyone in the MMC team and our partners are trying to do their best to make our working environment, community, and the sectors we work in a little bit better than yesterday by doing the right thing.

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