Top 5 marketing podcasts for 2021

Top 5 Marketing Podcasts 2021

It is estimated that the podcast industry will reach the value of $1billion in 2021, with UK listening figures hitting an all-time high of 15.6 million last year (Statista). Accelerated by the pandemic, data suggests an increasing number of individuals are turning to podcasts as a form of entertainment and a resource to learn new skills. As a marketing and communications agency, staying on top of emerging trends and technology is essential, and podcasts provide an entertaining, bite-sized way to facilitate this process. Here are the top 5 marketing podcasts on our subscription list, and the ones you need to add to yours!

  1. Social Media Marketing School

Presented by Ethan Bridge, the Social Media Marketing School Podcast is a series of short episodes which aim to educate users about the skills required to create a successful and high-performing social media presence. With episode lengths ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, Ethan speaks authoritatively and engagingly on the various aspects of social media marketing, at a level appropriate for both novices and seasoned experts. Are you an influencer looking to monetise your Instagram, or an established business looking for social content ideas? Ethan covers it all and packs the key, actionable points into brief episodes, so if time is in short supply, Ethan is your guy.

2. The Diary of a CEO

A personal favourite of our Digital Content Executive Clare, The Diary of a CEO is presented by former Social Chain CEO, Steven Bartlett. In its infancy the podcast began as a non-scripted, monologue of Steven’s challenges and adventures running his global, award-winning business, Social Chain. Now in its 73rd episode, the popular podcast has evolved to a more structured format, with regular guest speakers sharing their own inspiring and engaging stories. As the podcast has grown, so has the array of guest speakers. Steven’s recent collaborations include Grace Beverly (vlogger and owner of fitness APP Shreddy), Elite Military Commando Ben Williams and kayaking legend Anna Hemmings. If you’re lacking in motivation and need an inspiration boost, Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO is a great place to start.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

3. Everyone Hates Marketers

With a quirky title, the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast cuts through the marketing jargon and gets straight to the point. This approach has proven popular with listeners, and the podcast has reached 1 million downloads in less than 4 years – with no ads! Marketed as the ‘only podcast for people sick of marketing bullsh**t’, Louis Grenier produces weekly episodes which advise listeners on how to get more visitors, more leads, and more long-term profits, by removing the ‘fluff’ and avoiding traditional, ‘aggressive’ techniques. Louis regularly interviews entrepreneurs and marketers on their approach to marketing, which adds a variety of perspectives to common marketing challenges.

4. Marketing School

Marketing gurus Neil Patel and Eric Siu joined forces to provide a daily, digitally focused marketing podcast, aptly named the ‘Marketing School’. With the duo having many years of experience, listeners can be assured that they are getting the highest quality and most up-to-date advice available in the industry. To date, the podcast has 1,679 episodes, with topics ranging from SEO and analytics to affiliate and email marketing. Neil believes the secret to the Marketing School’s success is that it focuses on ‘the nuggets of wisdom’ which will help listeners become better entrepreneurs, providing high value content from start to finish. We recently listened to the ‘How to 19X Your Content Output’ episode, which covers the importance of having an omni-channel approach, because no single channel is the best way to engage your audience.

If there is anyone you want to be taking advice from it’s the accomplished and experienced Neil and Eric – together they really are a power house!

5. The Think Marketing Podcast

This one’s for our video enthusiasts as hosts Heather Torres and Sean Cannell dive deep into the world of video marketing. The Think team share tools and techniques to help businesses and individuals create quality video content that is both high-performing and profitable. The podcast also appeals to a wider audience by sharing entrepreneurial advice such as ‘5 ways to kill distractions’ and ‘how to be more confident’. We highly recommend this one to any business start-ups.

That’s our top 5 for now, but with 2.2 million podcasts available on Spotify we know there is plenty more to discover. Let us know what marketing podcasts reach the top of your list.




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