5 minutes with Richard Allen – Senior Content Creator, MMC

Richard Allen - Senior Content Creator - MMC

Our Senior Content Creator, Richard Allen, has been with the MMC team for over 10 years. With an extensive background in journalism – as a reporter, feature writer and editor, Richard is highly skilled in producing content which resonates with audiences. Here we talk to him about his role at MMC, his professional achievements and his footballing dreams.

How did you get into your field?

I was a newspaper journalist and worked as a news and sports reporter, sub-editor and editor before moving into the PR and communications sector with MMC

Tell me about your current role?

I research and write a wide range of content including media releases, authoritative articles, newsletters, crisis comms media statements and much more. In addition, working with the MMC team, I advise clients about PR strategy and media management. I’m also MMC’s in-house photographer and create images for PR and social media content.

Product professional achievement?

Seeing articles and books published after many hours of work, and receiving positive feedback, is always rewarding. But often the most satisfying achievements are the professional pride that comes from a client simply saying ‘thank you’ for the work that I’ve done.

What are the top 3 most important qualities for a content writer in 2020 (in your opinion)?

Although technology has transformed methods of communications, I think the ‘ABC’ rules (creating content that’s Accurate, Bright and Concise) that have been taught to generations of writers are still relevant.

Favourite publications to read?

The Times, FT and The Guardian

Just for fun…

First place you’ll be travelling post Covid?

England – to visit relatives

If you weren’t in your current career, what else might you be doing?

In a perfect world, playing centre-forward for Wolverhampton Wanderers and scoring a hat-trick at The Hawthorns on the same day that I get called up to play for England – then, in the evening, breaking the world record for the mile.

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