5 minutes with Craig Wolstencroft – MMC

Craig Wolstencroft

Fresh off MMC’s recent rebrand, we took some time out to chat to our Managing Director Craig about everything from founding the company and growth plans, to entrepreneurial advice and top holiday destinations.

Since founding the company in 1996, how has the marketing industry evolved?

In short, the marketing industry is now totally digitalised. When I started MMC, digital advertising was still very much secondary in terms of being used for marketing. This was down to the total lack of understanding of how consumers and business used the internet and how to monetise advertising revenues.

How did you get into marketing?

I’ve always been is sales and marketing and started MMC after working for a local newspapers group. MMC`s first incarnation was a media buying agency serving the International financial services market targeting Expats and IFA with saving and investment products.

Why did you decide the time was right for a rebrand?

The decision to rebrand and focus on the finance and technology brands, is based on opportunities that have been created by many years of working with multi-jurisdictional and cross-border international clients in those sectors. We have seen first-hand how those verticals have merged to create a vibrant fintech industry for the future.

If you could give one piece of advice to a young entrepreneur what would it be?

Never give up.

As the business strives for growth, what are some of your aims for the next 3 years?

Our main aim is to consolidate our position as the ‘go to’ content agency for the finance and tech sectors. Its going to be a challenge as we emerge from Covid19 and go into a global recession.

How would you define yourself in one word or expression?


Just for fun…

Top holiday destination – France

Favourite concert attended – Take That

First car – Mini

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